EnergyHub’s Mercury DERMS empowers utilities to deploy the unique capabilities of DERs to provide mission-critical grid services. Mercury gives utility operators the necessary tools to manage the complete lifecycle of a DER program — from device registration, to advanced control and dispatch strategies, to data analysis and settlement, to program management — all built on a secure, scalable, enterprise-grade platform.

Advanced asset management strategies

The Mercury DERMS uses advanced machine learning-based artificial intelligence to manage fleets of DERs, leveraging the unique characteristics of different assets to deliver vital grid services and achieve mission-critical outcomes for utilities.

Whether it is delivering more predictable load reduction during demand response events, or optimizing electric vehicle charging in real time to match renewable generation or locational pricing, Mercury allows utilities to extract maximum value from every type of DER, from the grid edge to the substation.

Learn more about how the Mercury DERMS optimizes grid services and streamlines essential grid management functions by visiting our Resources page or contacting our experts for a demo.

Advanced Asset Management Strategies

Actionable insights from the grid edge

Mercury collects and analyzes terabytes of real-time data from grid-edge resources, providing utility operators with a 360-degree view of DER activity and availability while allowing them to better understand the impact of DERs on grid operations.

Relying on the strength of Mercury’s deep-learning capabilities, the platform generates detailed DER load and capacity forecasts. These forecasts increase visibility into DER activity behind the meter, and enable utility operators and program managers to assess expected DER behavior and better inform grid-edge management decisions.

When combined with meter data and other utility telemetry, Mercury’s analytics provide utilities with unprecedented situational awareness from the substation to behind-the-meter.

Read how Mercury combines grid-edge data and machine learning-based artificial intelligence to create detailed load and capacity forecasts in our load forecasting fact sheet.

Actionable Insights

End-to-end program management tools

From control-room operators to DSM program managers, personnel across the utility organization use Mercury to streamline the management of DER assets and programs.

Building on our years of experience managing grid-edge DER programs, EnergyHub designed Mercury to address many of the unique challenges associated with managing grid-edge and customer-owned DERs. From its ability to automate the registration of grid-edge and customer-owned DERs, to an infrastructure designed to manage tens to hundreds of thousands of endpoints in a single program, to its ability to provide detailed, granular visibility into asset availability and status, Mercury provides a complete, optimized DER program management solution in a single platform.

For Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, Mercury deploys a suite of program management tools that are optimized for efficiently onboarding and managing customer-owned assets. This includes secure customer-facing enrollment websites, an embedded enrollment widget that delivers offers to consumers within DER partner mobile apps, and fast and accurate enrollment processing using EnergyHub’s Automated Enrollment Verification (AEV) technology.

End-to-end program

Utility-grade infrastructure

The Mercury DERMS provides enterprise-grade capabilities to utilities that want to deploy a single platform to manage large numbers of grid-edge DERs across their service territory.

Specifically designed to manage hundreds of thousands of DER endpoints, Mercury is backed by a secure, stable cloud infrastructure that easily scales as utilities register more devices and enroll more customers in programs.

Utility operators and program managers use Mercury to automate mission critical program functions, including DER registration, resource formation, and intelligent, targeted, automated control. Mercury also makes it easy for utilities to manage multiple unique residential, commercial & industrial DR and DER programs from the same platform.

Mercury offers utilities a multi- integration framework. Utilities have the flexibility to rapidly deploy the DERMS with no integration with utility systems required. As program needs grow, utilities have the ability to progressively integrate with utility systems (ADMS, CIS, MDMS, etc.)  to support business processes as needed — all without needing a third-party integrator.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

DER management solutions for the modern utility

Learn how the Mercury DERMS helps utilities manage a diverse range of distributed energy resources and improve grid reliability.

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