Managing grid-edge DERs for grid reliability

Legacy DERMS are unlikely to have the ability to respond to the proliferation and complexity of customer-sited DERs. Those DERMS, which were derived from early ADMS or low-tech DRMS software, lack the agility and flexibility needed to respond to greater penetration of DERs as the grid evolves.

This white paper describes how the growth of grid-edge DERs requires a DERMS that was designed and developed with the grid-edge in mind. The paper discusses market drivers, critical DERMS functionality required to manage grid-edge assets, and enabling customers to participate in in utility programs, and gives specific examples on how utilities can use a DERMS to effectively manage their system from the grid-edge to the substation.

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Electrical substation with towers and various steel lattice structures, with telephone pole in foreground, before sunset in spring
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