Webinar: 'Expanding demand response and DER programs though customer engagement and artificial intelligence' with EnergyHub and Bidgely

Distributed energy resources (DERs) and other connected devices are revolutionizing how utilities engage with their customers and deploy demand-side management programs.

EnergyHub and Bidgely have partnered to deliver an integrated solution that combines EnergyHub’s Mercury distributed energy resource management system (DERMS), connected device ecosystem, and customer lifecycle tools with Bidgely’s artificial intelligence home energy management (HEM) platform and Insights Engine.

The partnership delivers the first end-to-end solution that helps utilities deliver more value to customers from connected devices across customer engagement, demand response, and energy efficiency programs. Utilities can use the linked platforms to understand and interact with today's connected home in ways that both maximize customer convenience and create grid value.

In this webinar, which originally aired March 7, 2019, experts from EnergyHub and Bidgely discussed how these linked platforms help utilities drive the adoption of energy-efficient connected devices and boost enrollment in Bring Your Own Thermostat® demand response and other demand-side management programs, including TOU and EV managed charging programs.

The webinar was co-hosted by Matt Johnson, VP of Business Development at EnergyHub, and Phil Flaherty, Director of Business Development at Bidgely.