Utilities call 60 events and deliver 300 MW of load reduction in a single day

EnergyHub Team

With record-breaking heat sweeping the nation and little relief in sight, stress on the grid is top of mind in control rooms across the country. Utilities are using demand response (DR) to keep the grid stable and indoor temperatures safe for customers coast to coast.

Load activity
Wednesday, July 20th, broke EnergyHub records and put the company on track to exceed last year’s total of 700 DR events by mid-summer. In a single day we saw:

  • DR events: 60
  • MW of load reduction: 275+
  • Devices called: 310k+

As the impacts of climate change becomes part of daily life for Americans and the number of grid-connected renewables soars, grid-edge flexibility will be essential to keeping the grid stable and decarbonizing our energy system while meeting customer needs. From the largest DER-partner ecosystem, to advanced grid services, to the largest feet of grid-edge resources of any DERMS provider in North America, EnergyHub is transforming complexity at the grid edge into reliable resources for utilities and markets.

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We’re proud to help our clients achieve their immediate and long term grid objectives. Learn how EnergyHub’s industry-leading DERMS platform can help you achieve your goals.

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