January 21, 2016 | Press Releases

EnergyHub launches Firm Load Dispatch, the first demand response solution to deliver the predictability of generation

EnergyHub Team

New York, NY – January 21, 2016 – EnergyHub, the leading provider of connected device management solutions for utilities, today announced the launch of its Firm Load Dispatch℠ technology. Firm Load Dispatch is a data-driven demand response technology that delivers unprecedented capability for optimizing a load curve during an event.

An intelligent demand response solution integrated into EnergyHub's Mercury platform, Firm Load Dispatch delivers a sustained MW reduction while minimizing deviation from a target load shape. The result is a load curve similar to what a utility would see from a generation resource. Firm Load Dispatch makes the already robust Mercury demand response platform even more powerful for utilities taking advantage of connected devices for demand response. Mercury already offers utilities real-time review and visualization of demand response event data, on-demand reporting, and an enrollment module for Bring Your Own Thermostat℠ programs.


Firm Load Dispatch achieves a stable target load curve by coordinating the compressor cycles of a large population of air conditioners. It does this by utilizing advanced machine learning thermal modeling along with real-time data and communication. The result is a demand response event that behaves like generation, guaranteed to achieve a load reduction target while maintaining the desired load shape.

Firm Load Dispatch is compatible with all connected thermostats, enabling a larger ecosystem of devices to be leveraged as demand response assets. Firm Load Dispatch is available to utilities for both Bring Your Own Thermostat℠ and traditional utility-installed demand response programs, and will ultimately be able to produce any arbitrary load shape and work with water heaters, batteries, electric vehicles, and other devices. Built on top of EnergyHub’s distributed architecture, the technology is scalable to millions of devices.

With Firm Load Dispatch, utilities that have historically put a premium on customer comfort at the expense of load reduction will be able to reach more aggressive load shed targets without jeopardizing customer satisfaction and program retention.

“We’re excited to offer Firm Load Dispatch to help utilities get maximum value out of their demand response programs,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, Co-Founder and President, EnergyHub. “Utilities can depend on Firm Load Dispatch to deliver a greater and more consistent load reduction over the duration of a demand response event—all while ensuring their customers’ comfort.”


About EnergyHub

EnergyHub is the connected home solution for utilities. EnergyHub’s Mercury DRMS allows utilities to partner with their customers and deliver more powerful demand response using connected devices, while our Bring Your Own Thermostat℠ service makes hundreds of thousands of existing connected homes available to utilities for demand response without a single truck roll. EnergyHub is an independent subsidiary of, the leading technology provider of connected home solutions. For more information, visit or contact:

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