April 22, 2022 | Team

Earth Day 2022 - Message from Seth

EnergyHub Team

Earth Day, April 22nd, 2022

Dear EnergyHub Community,

Each day our clients, partners, and company go to work connected by a shared vision of a carbon free, distributed energy future. This Earth Day, achieving our vision feels both more urgent, and more possible, than ever. 

This month’s United Nations International Panel on Climate Change report makes it crystal clear: avoiding the worst impacts of climate change is doable, but the time for bold action is now. The good news is that we have the tools and knowhow to mount a response equal to the challenges we face.

Our network of more than 60 utility clients and their customers are a leading force in the decarbonization fight. Our clients and their customers’ 700,000+ devices enable 2,900+ MWs of climate-change-fighting flexible load, simultaneously delivering economic benefits exceeding $20,000,000 through utility program incentives.

Arizona Public Service (APS) is a great example of the power of grid-edge devices like thermostats, batteries, and other DERs delivering a meaningful climate impact. APS partnered with Guidehouse on research that proved our model’s ability to leverage precooling and properly timed events to shift energy consumption to the mid-day when emissions intensity is lowest due to high solar generation. The result is a net reduction of GHG emissions each time APS calls an event on the current fleet of 60,000+ thermostats. This impact will only grow as APS enrolls hundreds of thousands of thermostats and scales other device classes.

At EnergyHub, I’m excited about two developments that have us poised to unlock massive scale. The first is our acquisition of Packetized Energy, which will allow us to provide more sophisticated DER control to utilities and power markets and to offer new tools for identifying and managing conditions on the distribution grid. The second is the rapid progress we are making supporting electric vehicle programs at 10 utilities using both EV telematics and EV chargers. Electric vehicles are an incredibly flexible load on the grid, opening up many opportunities to manage systemwide and local peaks, better align to clean power generation, and lower customer bills.

Now is the time to work together to accelerate a global transition away from fossil fuels and their inescapable environmental, economic, and social toll. At EnergyHub, we remain motivated this Earth Day by a mission to integrate any customer or device with the grid to provide flexibility and reliability.

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Seth Frader-Thompson

CEO and Co-Founder


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