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EnergyHub Conference Schedule 2022

EnergyHub Team

The EnergyHub team is on the road this summer and fall.

From helping clients scale BYOT DR nationwide, to deploying EV managed charging programs, to growing our enterprise capabilities, there’s a lot to catch up on.

You can find our conference and speaking schedule below. We’re looking forward to meeting up. Want to connect sooner? Let us know here.


Event Date & Location Activity
EPRI Electrification 2022 June 28-30 | Charlotte, NC Set up a meeting
Forth Roadmap Conference June 29-30th | Portland OR Set up a meeting
2022 AESP Summer Con August 16-18 | Philadelphia, PA Set up a meeting
E Source Forum 2022 September 13-16 | Denver, CO

Set up a meeting or see us at Booth 35

RE+ | SEPA September 19-22  | Anaheim, CA

Set up a meeting

  • Demand Response: Driving Grid Integration through Flexibility Wednesday 4 PM - 5 PM
16th Rocky Mountain Utility Exchange September 26-29 | Avon, CO Set up a meeting
Southeast Energy Summit October 3-5 | Atlanta, GA Set up a meeting
EV Charging Infrastructure Conference NYC October 5-6 | New York, NY Set up a meeting and visit our Brooklyn offices while you’re in town!
GridFWD 2022: Ensuring a Resilient 21st Century Energy System October 24-26 | Denver, CO Set up a meeting
REV 2022 Conference October 27-28 | Burlington, VT Set up a meeting and visit our Burlington offices while you’re in town!
Reuters Energy Transition North America 2022 November 9-10 | Houston, TX Set up a meeting
DERTFest2022 - DER Task Force November 11 | Brooklyn, NY Set up a meeting and visit our Brooklyn offices while you’re in town!
46th PLMA Conference November 14-16 | Phoenix, AZ Set up a meeting


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