June 12, 2019 | Bring Your Own Thermostat

EnergyHub and Arizona Public Service named ‘Innovative Partners of the Year’ by SEPA

EnergyHub Team

The Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) announced the winners of its Power Players Awards today, and we’re proud to share that EnergyHub and Arizona Public Service (APS) have won the 2019 Innovative Partner of the Year award.

EnergyHub was nominated for providing unique expertise and the Mercury DERMS platform to APS for its "Cool Rewards" Bring Your Own Thermostat® (BYOT) demand response program.

APS logo"Our program with APS is a perfect example of how a utility can use innovative technology to intelligently share DERs in a way that creates significant value for both customers and the utility," said Erika Diamond, VP of Utility and Market Services at EnergyHub. "We’re thrilled that our partnership with APS has been recognized by SEPA, and we’re excited to continue developing innovative DER programs."

APS is using Mercury to manage thousands of customer-owned thermostats to shift load outside of APS's peak window to better match peak solar energy output on APS's system. In order to do this, EnergyHub and APS is strategically deploying unique pre-cooling strategies that have been optimized for the utility’s time-of-use pricing structure while still keeping customers' homes cool throughout demand response events. APS relies on EnergyHub and the Mercury DERMS to manage all aspects of the Cool Rewards program, including vendor management, marketing, customer enrollment, and demand response dispatch.

"We know our customers want reliable, affordable, clean electricity. They also want cutting edge technology and to know how to manage their energy use to best fit their lifestyle," said Marc Romito, APS Director of Customer Technology. "The APS Cool Rewards program rewards residential customers for using their smart thermostats to consume power when solar energy is abundant and conserve power when demand is highest and power is most expensive."

APS is also employing the Mercury DERMS to enroll, monitor, and control a wider group of DERs to provide grid services. The utility is using Mercury to leverage grid-interactive water heaters and battery energy storage systems for load shifting during times of high solar generation, and Mercury is also controlling smart inverters as part of APS’s "Solar Communities" program, remotely adjusting inverter settings and curtailing load.

EnergyHub and APS worked with Tierra Resource Consultants on the design and implementation of the DER programs. Tierra provided unmatched subject matter expertise to the program design and implementation processes, and the firm has played a pivotal role in the programs' success.

You can read about all the Power Players Award winners on SEPA’s website and register for Grid Evolution Summit here.

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